I have a problem with transparency on export and can't figure out how to fix it :(

Hi ^^

Im trying to export my project into a png.format or a tga.format to be used in UE4 and I came accross a wierd bug display that I can’t fix. I’ve spend a good amount of time trying to find the answer online but still got me nowhere yet. I was using the Copy alpha+color setting for my brush when making my layer and now when I export for some reason everything that was a shade from black wont transfer to unreal and only acts like it was black. Is there a way to apply the opacity that I did on my layer before exporting my file? So that way it would understand the grayscale value instead of the black only. I dont want to change all colors to grayscale cause then I lose my colors in my other part of my layer.

I used to do all my pixel art in photoshop bu tthen came accross aseprite and I love that program. But I never had that issue before with photoshop and ue4 on my sprite work. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thank you

That is my file with the correct alpha info in asesprite

You are either in indexed mode (sprite -> color mode -> switch to rgb)

or you are using a background layer. In that case right click the bottom layer that has an underscored name, then select layer from background.

I recommend working on a transparent background and picking that option when you make a new file.

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Ok thx imma try those 2 options when Im back. Thx for the answer!

Alright so this is what I did : background from layer and then layer from background and it did apply the transparency and I could get my problem fix. Thx for the help!. ( I was already in layer from back ground and colormode rgb) Had to delete the new backgroun info and lost the little bit of real transparency I was trying to save but at least it fixed my walls shading issue :).