I lost my progress within the Undo History

Hello everyone, I have a major issue, I had went to a previous state of my artwork in its undo history and, accidentally click something causing all my current progress to disappear, bringing the artwork to its original save point, is there a way to retrieve that progress? I hadn’t saved it because I was still working on it.

Note: I did not close the application, so I’m hoping there is a way I can retrieve that history somewhere, if not I’ll be burnt out for awhile.

yeah i dont think there is a way to od that, once you make a change all of the redo history is overwritten, you have to be relly cautious with that, recommedn saving the current state of you artwork in with ctrl c if you plan to go all the way back, in case that happens in the future.

non-linear undo history is the only real way to prevent that in the future, it’s under preferences > undo > allow non-linear history