I need to make a .gif with colors that become transparent or semi-transparent layers

I try to save it as .gif, but my gif is different from the animation, it ends up changing color abruptly instead of changing gradually as in the animation

pls HEEEEELP :frowning:

GIFs do not support partial transparency, only full opacity and full transparency. So, what you want is not possible. If you know what background colour your image will be displayed on, you could include that as the background in your animation, then you could get a nice colour change with only opaque colours.

To be a little less negative, what you need to use is probably a PNG. PNG supports high bit depth in colour channels as well as alpha, while GIF is restricted to 256 colours per frame from 24 bit RGB and only 1 bit (either on or off) of alpha transparency.

What you want to do with this does matter. For web development or games, creating a PNG sprite sheet might be the best way to go.

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What you actually want is either make a sequel of png and import it. Make a spritesheet or make a APNG (animated png). Wich is a png animated. It is supported for web browser or discord, if still a png type since apng is the extension. There’s a lot of apng converter.

So you’re saying that to do an animation we have to export every frame as a png and then make the animation from those?

If you want semi-transparent pixels in it, yes. The animation export format that Aseprite supports (GIF) does not support alpha channels, pixels are either fully opaque or fully transparent.

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