I patched the game in Turkish but I can't transfer it to the game

Although I have prepared a package, I get an error when I upload it to the game, I can’t fix it.

“name”: “aseprite-language-turkish”,
“displayName”: “tr”,
“description”: "Translation by CTLB ie by Ahmet Ege Pehlivanoğlu. For suggestions or comments, please write to me at karaokelabss@gmail.com or contact me on the Aseprite forum
“version”: “1.0”,
“publisher”: “CTLB”,
“license”: “CC-BY-SA-4.0”,
“author”: {
“name”: “CTLB”,
“url”: “Profile - CTLB - Aseprite Community
“categories”: [
“contributes”: {
“languages”: [
“id”: “tr”,
“path”: “tr.ini”

Is there something wrong with the code?

or can you tell if you know the solution *

hi CTLB and welcome to the forum. i don’t know anything about translating aseprite, however quick look at this json tells me, that the description line is missing " and , at the end: contact me on the Aseprite forum ",

edit: also, i believe the path should be ./tr.ini (judging by translations here GitHub - aseprite/languages: Available translations for Aseprite distributed via extensions )

thanks for your help but i took care of it anyway thanks