I think line tool and shift + click should still create a line

When using the line tool, I sometimes expect shift + click to create a line to the current mouse position, just like the normal pen tool. I know that the pen tool technically “already does this”, however I’ve been using Aseprite for years now, and I still often press those keys while the line tool is selected, expecting it to work the same way as the pen out of muscle memory.

In Line tool Shift used to draw straight and diagonal lines. While it is possible to measure time between Shift pressed and click to ignore Shift in first ~ 100 ms, it’s generally bad to mix behaviours.


have you tried to change the key bindings yourself

Ah, didn’t consider that.
I guess making it so the line angles only happen if you press shift after pressing the button would work if it had been that way from the start, but at this point it would just be trading one problem for another.

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