I'm having issues with the v1.2.19 update to pressure detection

Hello, I’ve tried searching around about this, but I can’t seem to find if anyone else is having this issue.

The pressure sensitivity was working great for me when it first rolled out, but now I’m having problems when it was changed to have the default size be the maximum size of the brush.

It’s making the start and end of random strokes be the max size, and even more strange is that some of the pixels are rendered if I change tools. I didn’t think to save the installer for the previous version, if there is any way I could roll back until this is fixed, that’d be awesome.

I love the pressure feature, but this is kinda killin it for me. I’ve tried messing with settings and tested other programs just to be sure it wasn’t my tablet. It’s only Aseprite I’m having this issue with.

Any ideas, or is there I way to get the v1.2.18 again for the time being?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Could you post the pressure settings you are using when this is occuring?


00 ase issue 2
I only have ever used the size setting. No matter how I change the pressure thresholds, or sizes, this happens randomly, with no change. It just randomly pops to max size.

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Hmm yeah that looks correct. You can try changing the settings in the tablet preferences and see if anything works.

You probably need to restart Aseprite after, and only change one thing at a time so you can see what worked.

Also what tablet are you using?

I’ve tried all of that and restarted it many times, still having that problem. :confused:

I’m using a Yinova MVP20U+RH

1.2.18 worked just fine. This just started happening with 1.2.19. Very odd.

I’m using Win7. So windows ink setting just don’t work. I tired the “direct packet” setting and I just end up drawing dots, same if I turn off the wintab32 setting.

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Yeah in that case I don’t know what might be the cause. It could be some edge case with your tablet brand. @dacap might have some insight of course. But in the meantime I suggest you shoot an e-mail to support@aseprite.org with the e-mail you purchased Aseprite with and request 1.2.18 and explain why, and you might be able to get a version that works for you so you can work properly until a fix can be found.


Yeah, I sent an email over about, but I figured I’d keep looking around occasionally and ran into this neat place. I’m shocked at the super fast response from ya here. I appreciate the effort. Thanks!

The program is still usable. Pressure’s gonna be busted for me for a bit. Hahah. Thanks again!


Hi there @VinVulpis, I’ve just saw your email, I’ll try to send you a special version of Aseprite so we can check how the messages are received in your case, it would be a quick test.

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After checking the logs that I’ve received via email, I’m really really confused. It looks like—with the Wintab option, and only with the Wintab option—your tablet Yinova MVP20U+RH works just fine, at least it looks like the pressure information is being consumed correctly by Aseprite (this is the profile of the pressure data, there are no spikes):

Something I’m thinking about, but I’m not sure if this could be the reason, is that something like a Shift key modifier is pressed (pressed by mistake?) in your tablet, which might be causing some buggy lines (actually Dynamics + Shift key to do straight lines have some known issues :eyes: ).

I don’t think that’s happening. No other program I draw on seems to do this. It only started happening with this exact update. Again, the weird thing too, is that a bunch of extra thick lines or extra points suddenly appear too when I change tools. When I have pressure off, this don’t happen at all.

I’m trying to get the update that just came out, but I can’t login to humblebundle to get it (not sending me my code, so waiting for that). I kinda wonder if it was somehow an issue with the brush preview thing. I don’t use it, I just keep it as a lil cursor, no circles or anything. I’m eager to try the update though… once someone responds to my help ticket over on humblebundle hahah.

So, I guess I might be the only one having this issue? My Aseprite is using 1.2.23 now and I’m still having this issue.

Again, it worked perfectly when pressure settings worked as they did in .18. For some reason, since .19, when the pressure settings set the MAX size as the default, it’s been doing this.

I’m tempted to ask for a .18 version so I can use pressure without any hiccups, as if my problem is exclusive to me, I don’t expect a feature to be added just to revert the pressure settings over to how it was in .18.

It’s not the biggest deal. I can live without the feature. It just makes certain things a lil faster.

Or, I’ll just make a hot-key for a larger brush on my keypad.

@VinVulpis we can send you the v1.2.18 version in case you need it, I’ll contact you via email

So I recently updated the build on my other computer, a samsung Galaxy tablet to take some work with me on a trip, and .25 is doing the same issue on THAT one too. Seems to do it with both wintab AND WindowsInk (The tablet is Win10, my desktop is Win7). A difference as far as I could tell though, is that there is no weird artifacting on the stokes,like what happened with the Win7-DT, only the initial max size spot at the start of the stoke.

It’s very odd. I figured it might have just been a weird interaction with just my Win7-DT but the Win10-Tablet does it too.

However, 1.2.18 has been working perfect for me in either case.

It just makes me wonder what about my computers might be causing it in the latest builds.

I figure it’s possibly some sort of lag issue, but Aseprite isn’t a demanding program, so I have no clue. The tablet is weaker by a large margin compared to my DT, which is much older, but stronger.

Very odd, but just discovered this, so figured I’d add it to the string here if it sheds any light at all.

.18 does work perfect for me though, so thanks a ton for tossing me that build.