I'm trying do Walk & Run Animations, can anyone give criticism or advice?

16x16 Animation

This is my 16x16 Alligator Mascot doing a walk, though, I think it looks more like a run, any suggestions?

  1. The legs are overlapping inconsistently. The lighter colored leg should be in the foreground based on the angle of the body, but the darker colored leg is overlapping it in most frames
  2. The movement of the body should not be so bouncy, and should not be gradually rising over the course of the loop. You should take another look at your previous thread about walk cycles, particularly the last reply. Notice there is a gradual rise and fall of the body, and it ends in the same position as it starts.

I was trying to use this guide


I wasn’t sure how to do it with a sprite that’s relatively short

As for the overlapping, so I should make it consistent? Okay, I guess the darker could be more in the front

How about this one? It’s my 32x32? I think it’s closer due to also being mainly stick figure

32x32 Animation

Much better, but since the character appears to be facing partially toward the camera rather than away, it would make more sense for the character’s right leg to be overlapping the left. If the darker color is meant to be the foreground, I think the character’s right leg should be the dark one.

Good point, say, you know a quick way to switch colors?

32x32 Animation

Any idea how I do it better when the “legs” are stubby?

16x16 Animation

Also, the first frame includes the resting position

16x16 Animation

This is also my running loop, sorry, can’t figure out how to remove the brief blank for the export

16x16 Animation

InHindsight, I’ve been using the 32x32 walk cycle for the 16x16 pics and weirdly enough using the 16x16 run cycle for even the 32x32 pics…is that remotely okay?

Because I don’t have a 16x16 walk cycle pic and watching Mr Mislav’s vid again and again maybe too time consuming