Import Background?

Hey, I’m new to Aseprite and animation in general but i was wondering; I made a character with a simple animation and also made a background with animation for him on a separate file, is there a way to use my background in the original animation a made for my character?

Every cel (the little dot where the frame number and layer name intersects) in the timeline just contains an image, so all you gotta do is select your background with the marquee tool and copy it over to your other file. You might have to change the canvas size (sprite -> canvas size) for it to fit though.

Thanks Kashou, Do I have to copy and paste over every frame? I was able to put my background in but only one frame at a time… :c

If the background is a still image, you can link all your background cels first, then paste the background in. That will paste it into all the frames.