Import palette as it is in sprite

so when i import a palette from lospec, it is adjusted in ramps
like this

but in the aseprite palette window when i make palette from sprite it puts it like this

i have tried different sorting methods, still doesn’t give proper result
if i am doing something wrong and this already can be done please mention

Unfortunately I don’t think this is currently possible, but “Sort by hue” might save you some work in rearranging it. No simple sorting mode will ever give you correct results, since most palettes are more complex than just the colours in a simple order of some single component.

I also wish Aseprite would import palettes in the order they appear in the image. The different sorting modes already allow people to automatically sort it if they wish, it doesn’t need to be done by default.

hi, there! download a palette as gpl file and then use “load palette” option.