Import sprite strip by # of frames instead of pixel dimensions

It would be excellent if we were able to import a sprite strip by the number of frames on the strip rather than the pixel dimensions.

For instance, if I’m importing a strip that is 1 frame tall and 5 frames wide, it would be great if I could just say “this strip is 1:5” instead of having to measure and input an individual frame’s pixel dimensions. This can be especially frustrating on larger sprites, where it’s easy to be a pixel or two off when trying to measure the frame’s width.

hi phops! it may help you to enter mathematical expression directly into number input field.
open the sprite and check the dimensions in the bottom bar. lets say its 500x100 strip and there are 5 frames. now in import sprite sheet window set the height to “100” and width to “500/5” and aseprite will correctly set that number to 100.

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Thanks! I didn’t realize you could do that. It’s not quite as elegant of a solution as I’d like, but it is certainly quicker than what I have been doing

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