Importing images

I’m trying to import a bunch of existing .png files and it’s proving to be quite a chore. My first instinct was to just drag the file from the desktop to the frame/cell, but unfortunately this creates a new sprite. I can copy the cel from that into my original sprite but that’s an extra step (plus closing the new file). If I also need to copy a 30+ files into new frames. If the files are named things like “my1.png” and “my2.png” it will grab the sequence, but if it’s just a collection of randomly named files it fails. What is the best way to import a large number of .png files that aren’t sequentially numbered?

Hi ron1987

I think that the best way is to batch-rename the files before importing them into Aseprite.

I use a file renamer for chores like this one (I try to automate everything I can), there are lots of those programs for free.

If you don’t like to install software without testing it first (which is my case) you can try one of these portable ones for example:

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: