Incorrect Palette

I was trying to generate a palette from an image of the Sega Genesis palette, but when I generate the palette, it gives incorrect colors, and sometimes it even duplicates some colors.

Hi there @GallantArc302, could you share the image used to create the palette? Maybe here or sending the image to

For one, if the image you used has ever been encoded using lossy compression(such as JPEG) there will be minute alterations to the colors sometimes imperceptible to the human eye.

I had found this to be the case with some of the images I pulled off line of SNES games that I tried to make a palette out of. Upon investigation, I found some of the color values differ by as little as a a point or two. Aseprite WOULD consider this a whole new color.

Genesis Palette Here’s the image, it’s a png. I used the color tool and went over every color, and they were all the correct raw values, but the palette had random colors.

Ah. I can confirm that this does create a messed up palette. I took the image into v1.2.18 x64 version, and when I create a palette none of the colors match, then when I set it to indexed mode, the colors get all messed up. It is a 512 color image, could that be the problem @dacap? I know Aseprite has some issues past 256 colors.