Increase the maximum brush size

Currently, the maximum brush size in pixels is 64. I’m making a 1024x1024 texture and to make large, consistent wide strokes is very difficult using the shading brush, especially as they might need to be done in parallel of each other without much overlap. For this situation, it’d be greatly appreciated if it was possible to change the brush size above 64, ideally configurable.

Since Aseprite is first and foremost a pixel art program and most pixel art is too small to make use of larger brushes, I think that larger brush sizes should be settable only by typing the desired size in, and the slider should remain 1-64, so that it can be used to precisely set brush sizes. I think this would be a good compromise between retaining a UX that makes small art more convenient while also being more useful for large art.


Fully agreed, my first thought was to check the configuration file to see if this was able to be changed there as it’s a very reasonable default.