Inherit Alpha toggle for layers, like Krita

Inherit Alpha is something I use very often in while working in Krita (and before that, in Paint Shop Pro where it was called “Lock Transparency”). What it does is prevent a layer from making any changes to the alpha channel. Effectively, it’s a bit like making a mask from a merge of all lower layers, except far more convenient because you don’t have to remake the mask every time you change anything in the lower layers.

You’d be amazed how often this comes in handy. It’s my go-to when I want to add lighting/shadows with a big soft brush in a new layer without having it spill out over pixels that should be fully transparent. It would be really nice to have it in Aseprite too.

Here’s Krita’s documentation of it (with images).

its a ink mode, use the lock alpha ink mode fo that effect, please do your researche before posting a feature suggestion

You didn’t understand my request. Lock Alpha ink mode doesn’t do what I need. I want to lock the alpha from all below layers, not just one, and to draw onto a new layer instead of modifying existing layers.

Do I have to make a video of my workflow in Krita to get you to understand it’s not the same thing?

I still need this feature. Please add it.

will have to wait just like all of us, it took me 2 years for them to add export selection in the beta.

I still want this feature. It’s a really, really good one, and as previously mentioned, is vital to my pixel art process.

you want something akin to a clipping mask for a group, yeah thats far on the future, we alredy received request for clipping masks and they are planned for v1.4