Insert Text font size is inaccurate

I found that using the Insert Text tool, the font size of 12 on MS Paint and the font size of 16 on Aseprite look the same.

I checked the font’s file, and it seems that the correct font size is indeed 12, but in order for me to get the text to look like it, I need to set the size to 16 on Aseprite. This isn’t a problem on MS Paint, which gives me the correct text at size 12 as you’d expect. I’ve included a video demonstrating, sorry it’s kinda scuffed xd


I’m using Aseprite v1.3.6 from Steam on Windows 10

Hi there @alliumpxl! Actually I’m testing on Affinity Photo and it looks like the font must be 16pt to look pixel perfect:

I have found the font here: Index of /PC98/font not sure if it’s the same TTF. There are some future changes in the text rendering ( Using Skia for font rendering · Issue #4362 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub ) but the size still is 16pt to be rendered correctly in this case.