Instances Request

Hello Aseprite Community.

I’m working on a game project that requires many traits and different variables to be created for a single character on a massive level. I am looking to see if a feature like instances or pre-composing is available in aseprite. Something that would allow me to create a separate document with all of my traits (eg. Eyes, Mouth, Nose, etc.) and then allow those to be referenced on each frame in the Sprite Sheets that I am creating.

If anyone has any idea on how this could be done or if it is already possible, please let me know!

Sounds like you would need to export a sprite sheet for every feature of your character, for example, say that you have made 10 different types of noses, eyes, ears, etc. You’d export each into a png file made of 10 columns and 1 row for each different, then inside your game, you’d use for example column 1, row 1 to show happy eyes, then, if needed, change the reference to column 6, row 1 to switch to angry eyes.

Then, for example… if your character’s nose needs to change, you would also use code in your game to change from nose column 1, row 8 to column 1, row 3….

I’m hoping this has been clear enough.

Yes, I understand that process, The way I have everything set up in aseprite is that I have all of my character frames with tags, so that It can be exported as a Sprite Sheet. Then each group of layers would have a trait category (eyes for example). Each layer would have a new eye trait that can be exported in it’s own sprite sheet and then in Unity, can be layered on top of each other.

However, Im wondering if there is a way that for example, I can have a file called “openeyes.aseprite” for example that is just a 6x6 sprite of just the eye, that can be referenced in the larger character project file, so that if I were to change just that eye, each instance of that eye in the larger character file would update automatically in all the locations that it is placed.