Interaction / linking tool

Hey! It would be so cool if one could create a sort of links/buttons in an Aseprite file by selecting an area and specifying a frame to jump to when afterwards pressing that area, maybe with the hand tool selected. Then the visibility of the link area could be toggled with a GUI button and/or keyboard shortcut (it could be a user-specified colour or negative to what’s underneath). And a way to backtrack, seeing all frames linking to the active frame would also be neat.

This simple functionality could be useful for many purposes:

  • Sketching interactive game mechanics, especially when designing a point n’ click game, maybe even making a simple little game only with Aseprite, if exporting as flash and/or html5 was also added (bonus suggestion)
  • Helping yourself or team members navigate in a large project by going from one frame/animation to another (with user designed buttons, possibly in their own layer that can be hidden when exporting)
  • Sketching interactive application and website designs, maybe with an option to play a few frames (or a lot), like a single tag or so before pausing at the target frame (really like that idea when thinking about it!)

Whoa that’s way too much coding for David:P

You think so? Maybe for a future release, if I’m not the only one thinking it’s a radical idea…?
But the essence of it is marking an area with one of the marking tools and making that area a button for going to another frame, possibly just squares. I’m not really a programmer, but to me it doesn’t sound complicated. Though, I couldn’t do it so it’s not for me to say :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right it’s not about the code but I think that’s why we have the timeline… Maybe a keyboard shortcut for specific frames (similar to brush shortcuts we already have) or a shortcut to switch between the 2 last frames visited would be a more realistic suggestion though.

Sometime ago I thought about this possibility (scripts inside .aseprite files that can be executed clicking sprite areas). Like an interactive powerpoint presentation. I remember a MS-DOS program that did something like that (but I cannot remember the name, I was too young when I used it).

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Yeah kinda like an interactive powerpoint, but so much cooler because it’s Aseprite. Why did you drop that idea, just too many other things? Let us know if you remember the name of that DOS program.
Glitcher, with timeline do you refer to the roadmap? I would like to see this on that. It holds a lot of other nice future plans though. Your quick frame switching ideas aren’t bad either, another idea though, but they’re related somehow.