Interesting thing about my art style

Fun fact I’ve learned about my self - When drawing living things or most forms of clothing I use a black outline, But when I draw Something related to background or an object like Question Mark block, bob-omb or Armor I use a colored outline.

A good example the Koopatrool, its’ armor outline is colored, but its’ skin and Under suit have a black outline
Weird Huh?


That’s an interesting observation about your work. It sounds like you’ve fallen into a style you can call your own.

I used to always think that an artist’s style was something they chose early on and stuck with, but the more pixel art I made, I realized that a style is something you naturally fall into. It’s just you’re preferred method of drawing things out.

Over the years, I’ve noticed my art pieces tend to have really high contrast, anti-aliasing, and high reflective shine to it (even in places where it doesn’t make sense half the time).

(A sample of my work is the 2 trees on the right here)
Tree Edit

Sometimes things just happen on their own, and stuff like this is a real eye-opener, I think.