IPA font character provoke a blur in Layers

IPA specifics characters, when used in layers, seems to cause a blur.
(Just to clarify : IPA characters are the one used in phonetic !)
Example to illustrate (You’ll see both : with (using IPA) and without the blur (Without IPA specific characters in it !)


I use the Steam version of Asesprite, with Windows.

Hi @Zanda, sorry about this. It’s a known issue. We hope in a near future to render correctly most chars and only differ in the ones that are not available in the Aseprite font.

Oh it’s nothing much honestly, more a minor annoyance than a major bug in my case, it’s just plain luck that I’ve encountered it because it’s not something I use regularly those characters.

I’ve realized that it also happens on the french translation of the software, so I don’t know if it’s specific to IPA, or just characters with accents, or “outside” regulars box !

Anyway just letting you know in hope it helps !

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