Is aseprite already for ipad? Or will be?

Hi! I’m a pixel artist that uses an ipad and I was wondering if anybody knew if aseprite is in ipad or will be in a future. I have aseprite in steam and it would be lovely to have it for ipad too! ^^

Wrong. Paid != iPad

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i can swear it was “paid” when i was here

Aseprite doesn’t have support for Ipad now, but if you have a Mac you can use the sidecar option to use your Ipad as a second screen, then you just move the aseprite window to the ipad desktop and you can use aseprite in your Ipad (I saw this in reddit, haven’t tried myself because my Mac doesn’t have the sidecar option)

(I know this is late but adding this comment because it comes up on Google) I would also suggest looking into Astropad, I use that app to control Aesprite on my primary machine with my iPad pro / pencil. The only limitation there is you need two machines (the iPad and a PC) on the same network.