Is aseprite only used for game development?


Hello, I was wondering before I purchase this product if it is only for game development? I am a aspiring video maker and wanted to know if I could use what I make with this product on platforms such as youtube? Thank you for your reply.

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Aseprite only creates image files, so you can use them any way you see fit. You can export an animation as a series of .png files and import them into Vegas or whatever video editing software you prefer and create a video out of it.

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Thank you! Helps me out a lot.



I love it and I don’t do video games or traditional pixel art. Best $15 app I ever had the pleasure to use :star_struck:



What do you mean traditional? What type of pixel art do you do?



I just make digital drawings and paintings. I use it like photoshop or MSPaint. and it’s very easy to animate.

I just love the UI. Simple, fluid and fun to use. I dont need all the power and features of Photoshop for example, but I have that too. I just prefer Aseprite for digital arting



You can see a music video done in Aseprite by Kate_Marvin here :slight_smile:

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That sounds very interesting! I would love to see some artwork if you’re offering, and I agree the UI looks very user-friendly. I usually find myself confused when using photoshop.



Thanks for showing me! it looks really nice!



how bout a greeting card instead? :stuck_out_tongue:



Hello Gxees !

With Aseprite you can make more than only game graphisms, you can also make artwork, animated gifs, and more.
You have a lot of possibilities, just be creative ! :wink:
I hope that helped you !
(sorry if i did spelling mistakes or other mistakes, i am learning english :sweat_smile:)

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