Is Import and Export 1:1?

HI I really want to buy Aseprite, hoping it will resolve the issue i’m having with Gimp and sprites. Can Asesprite export an imported image at exactly the same ppi, compression level, etc, as when it was imported? Any information on this is greatly appreciated!

PPI isn’t really a concept that is used in pixel art. If you save an image as a lossy format it will get re-compressed every time you save it as far as I know. A .png file will always be the same no matter how many times you import or export it, while a JPEG wont.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m working with RPG maker tilesets and I saw how i opened a png in aesprite and gimp, then exported it, and it’s larger. Thinking back i think the images im working with are compressed versions to begin with, so maybe the app is exporting it “as-is” then i have to compress it myself… I just bough aesprite and it doesn’t look like it has compression options upon export

I don’t think Aseprite goes out of its way to compress PNGs and it doesn’t expose many options, so you probably should compress yourself after the export, yes. Fortunately tools like pngcrush can compress all your PNGs in one go, so that’s something you can do later when you need to. There’s not much reason to worry about compression while you’re still working on the artwork.

So no, import and export aren’t 1:1, the export recreates the PNG from scratch based on the raw image data it gets.

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thanks for the tool suggestion @eishiya !! i’ll try PNGCRUSH!