Is it possibe to have zoom feature in Aseprite similar to the zooming in Photoshop(with temporarily holding keys to enable zooming)?

I recently began to use a graphic tablet in creating pixel art (I used mouse before). And I faced a probem with zooming in and zooming out. Previously, I used a mouse wheel for zooming and it was really quick and efficient. But I can’t do the same with graphic tablet and graphic pen. I like feature in Photoshop where you can zoom holding specific key on the keyboard and moving graphic pen to zoom in and out. Is it possible to set up shortcuts to have opportunity to enable zoom mode by holding some keys? I know that you can press ‘Z’ but it really takes much time and concentration to switch between tools.

@dacap Can you help with this question?

there is option for temporary zoom tool. i have it set as ctrl + spacebar. i don’t know if that’s default, but you can change it in edit → keyboard shortcuts → tools : zoom tool (quick).

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Yes, it worked out. Thank you very much! It wasn’t set up and I couldn’t find how to add this shortcut. :man_facepalming:

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