Is it possible to create a new color mode next to RGBA / Grayscale & Indexed?

Would be possible to write a script to create a custom Color mode, e.g. 1-bit. Where, in stead of 8-bit per pixel, it would be 1 bit (ON / OFF), with 2 custom colors as options.
I wasn’t able to find it on github whether it was possible.

I’m confident it’s not doable in a script.

Why can’t you simply use a two colour indexed 8-bit image?

It’s not that I am unable to, but wanted a color mode that was even smaller than 8 bits per pixel, namely ~1 bit per pixel (a slight difference since the colors would need to be saved too). I am a sucker for optimizations such as that :slight_smile:
(Am unsure whether the indexed 8-bit image might have an built-in optimization of the sort that does the same I am looking for)

That sounds like something which should be handled with import/export file format scripts (which should be doable) rather than modifying the working format.

Agreed with surt. .aseprite files aren’t a very optimized format no matter what image mode you use. I think GIF is able to (but often doesn’t) use fewer bits per pixel for smaller palettes, but the minimum is 2 (4 colour palette). At runtime, Aseprite works with expanded colours anyway (for better performance), the bit depth has little influence.

If you want to optimize the file format, you’ll need to do that at export/import time, there’s no benefit to doing it within Aseprite.

Thanks a lot y’all! :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: