is it possible to draw between pixels?

I’m just starting to learn and took a sprite from my favorite game as an example, but in the process I realized that the character’s tie is between two pixels. I think the same thing would be possible if i move the pixel grid a little, but I haven’t found how to do it. Are there any options? It’s very interesting how to do this, even though it’s not quite the usual pixel art.


hi, klavres. drawing between pixels is technically not possible.
i guess the way this is done is through scale: if what appears to be one ‘pixel’ on screen is actually 4x4 square, then you can move that square 2 pixels to any side and get in between:

I guessed this, but I tried drawing with 2x2 squares and it turned out too thick, I’ll have to try it with 4x4 now. Thanks a lot!