Is it possible to merge similar colors in an image for a smaller palette?

Hi guys! Anyone else had this problem? I’ve ran into this issue a few times over the years.

Say you have an image with 32 colors but need it to be in 16 colors. Many of the colors in the image might be gradients of the same color or nearly the same colors. Somehow I’m imagining there could be some tool out there that would be able to replace, say all the gradients of blue to one blue in an image, or perhaps it’s even possible in aseprite.

I’ve searched for this functionality before, but not found anything. The keywords kinda come up with completely different results than what this is about. Any help appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

a automatic tool that does that doest exist as of right now(thought i think it could be possible via scripts), but hey you can always uncheck the continious box on the fill tool and remove the close matches to one color.

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Hahaa! Nice, didn’t think of using the fill tool! Thank you. Do you happen to remember what the tool was, would be nice to have it done automatically, but yeah, the fill tool idea is a great backup plan.