Is it possible to quickly resize only a selection by increments of 100%?

I know you can like hold shift while scaling a selection to scale it proportionally but I don’t know if you can quickly scale it up 2x or something so the pixels aren’t distorted or anything. I thought that if you used the sprite size option while something is selected it would resize only that selection but it still resizes the whole canvas + sprite.


Hi there @LuigiTKO, this is something we would like to integrate to the program in recent updates (also adding special scaling algorithms like scale2x, etc.)

In the meantime you can give a try to this plugin:

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Oh sorry, this is the second time I read this post and I know why the first time I didn’t reply :sweat_smile: You are talking about the floating selection that is being transformed right? We’ll take note about this one too (changing it to features category).