Is possible to "manually" change screen scaling?

The question is simple, would there be by any chance the option of “manually” changing the screen scaling to… for example 150%?.

I usually work with my laptop and 100% happens to be really small for me, however, 200% it’s pretty big and I really need the space, so I would need to change the UI/Screen to a “custom” size where I could feel comfortable, is it possible? I know it isnt if you look for it in the preferences but i would like to know if there is any editable file that manages those options to change them.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi again, anyone? is this that hard or impossible to do? :tired_face:

Hi there, it’s impossible to change screen/ui scaling options to 150%. Another option would be to use an alternative theme, like this one.

Vote here for this feature ! Features - Aseprite Community
The more votes there will be, the more chances we will have that this feature is implemented !

I couldn’t find any plugin that does that and writing one is way too complexe and time demanding for me sadly.