Is the Colour Palette meant to work like this?

Hi all, I’ve just bought Aseprite and I’m struggling to change the colours in the sidebar.

EDIT: I can only attach one image to this post, see the bottom of this post for the images I originally attached.

I’ve created a new RGBA sprite with these settings.
(image removed)

I like this green colour and I’d like to create a slightly darker copy of it.
(image removed)

So I copied its hex code 6abe30 and pasted it into the colour to the right of it.
(image removed)

But when I press ctrl+v, it selects the colour to the left of it.
(image removed)

The only workaround I could find was to type a slightly different hexcode in - e.g. 6abe31 - and then click the red exclamation mark to create a new colour.
(image removed)

Now I can reduce its lightness to create a slightly darker version, then click the red exclamation again.
(image removed)

Is there an easier way to do this?

hi :wave:
yes, there is simpler way: just do the last two steps. ;]
you don’t have to touch hexcodes at all. just select the colour, make it darker and click on exclamation mark to add it to palette.

Thank you! I also discovered I can unlock the ‘Edit Colours’ icon in the top left of the palette. This lets me edit the colour in the palette, which is what I wanted.

This should be unlocked by default, that was so confusing.

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no problem ;]

i think that would be much worse, since there are already cases of people who hit unlock shortcut by accident and were confused what was happening. so, imo there would be a flood of people confused why the palettes they downloaded from lospec immediately broke. :person_shrugging:
theoretically, if you really couldn’t get used to clicking on the button, it should be possible to write a script which would change the colours in the palette automatically.