Is there a script or keyboard shortcut to change the layer position?

Is there any way to change the layer position other than clicking the button in the red box?

No, there is not another way to change the timeline position.

I think Aseprite’s getting a UI update in the next version to give a little more freedom with widget placement, perhaps we’ll also get some way to save/load workspaces with different arrangements?


Hi there @GangeSatoya :wave:

You can use this little script to rotate the position of the timeline:

Hi @eishiya :sweat_smile: it’s planned but not ready for the first v1.3-beta, I’ve decided to move some features in a future beta so we release the tilemap editor ASAP and start getting more feedback about it.


Thanks for the reply!
Can’t wait for the next version!

Hello! dacap!
Thanks for sharing your script with us!
I’ll try it right away!

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