Is there a way to export an animation as a folder of numbered files?

I use Aseprite for all my pixel art. I love it. It is by far the best pixel art program on the internet. However, I feel like I am wasting my time. I have to draw ~200 animations for a game I am co-creating. Is there a way to export my completed animations as a folder of separate but organized png images? Right now, I create a new sprite and copy/paste each frame onto that sprite, export it, and then erase it. Rinse/repeat. This takes forever! How can I export images quickly and easily without creating a gif?

The best way to import animations into a game is via sprite sheets.

File -> Export Spritesheet, then you can export it as a horizontal sheet or with rows if it’s a really long animation. Importing single frames as single .png’s or gifs is very inefficient.

You can also tag your frames by selecting a frame range and then pressing F2 to create a loop, then press F2 again to open the tag properties and rename it. Then you can choose which section to export via the export spritesheet dialogue.

Working with spritesheets is the most common way in pixel art so I recommend looking up how to work with them in whatever engine you’re using.

I know all about sprite sheets (Seeing as how I’m in charge of the art for our game) but the engine we’re using doesn’t support sprite sheets. It creates its own atlas from the individual sprites. Xcode creates what is called a texture atlas, which reduces the draw calls and improves performance. Sadly, Xcode doesn’t actually use sprite sheets like RPG maker or GMS. Thats why I need to export them as individual sprites to speed up my work-flow.

Do you want to export each frame as a different png file? You can use File > Save As and select a filename like image000.png (and the whole sequence will be generated, image000.png, image001.png, etc.). Also you can try the CLI:

aseprite.exe -b sprite1.aseprite --save-as folder1/image000.png
aseprite.exe -b sprite2.aseprite --save-as folder2/image000.png

I got it. Thanks! Turns out, I was doing it the slow dumb way the whole time.

Thank you so much! This was exactly what I was looking for