Is there a way to save Dialog entry values?

I’ve written a simple script that lets users set a few values in a dialog before the script runs. It would be nice if the script could remember the values that the user set and reinitialize the dialog with those values the next time it runs. Is there a way to do this?

Currently you can use global Lua variables for this. For example, create:

if not MyScript_params then MyScript_params = {} MyScript_params.test = 123 end

with name of your script instead of MyScript and store all values into this table. This table will store your variables across all calls to all scripts until next start of Aseprite. But this behaviour may change in future versions I suppose.

Also you can save values to files using and then f:write/f:close and load them back using and f:read/f:close, but it 's more complicated and will require user confirmations.

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Hi there :wave: Other way to save parameters is creating a plugin (script extension) and saving the information in the plugin.preferences object.