Is there a way to set up a isometric grid?

I just basically want to create isometric scenes and am wondering is there is a option for the grids to be set to isometric style or do i need to create a template for my future works


There isn’t a built-in method in Aseprite but there are a couple of scripts or extensions you could try:

Create isometric grid: GitHub - behreajj/AsepriteAddons: Lua scripts for Aseprite add-ons.

Creates isometric perspective guidelines: GitHub - oscb/aseprites-scripts: Scripts for Aseprite

Create isometric boxes: GitHub - darkwark/isobox-for-aseprite: Isometric Box Generator Script for Aseprite

Square tiles to isometric tiles: GitHub - OpsisKalopsis/aseprite-scripts: Scripts for aseprite, to handle isometric conversions.

There could be some useful one I’m missing, so perhaps search “isometric” in the forums.


Thank you for your help im looking these over as i speak