Is there a way to share tilesets between layers

I know you can just convert tilesets back to background then paste a graphic to another layer then convert to tilemap. Is there a better way to link the graphics?

when creating the layer just select the alredy there tileset insted of creating another one
male sure you do new>tileset layer and dont convert it thought.

So this is for a friend and she wants to be able to use say a tree from one layer on to another. If I’m understanding this correctly she wants the option use the tilesets of any layer as something that can be stamped onto any other layer. Is something like that possible?

a later currently can only have a single tileset assigned to it. so if she wantsto use a tree tileset and a dirt tileset at the same time it isnt possible right now, however if all she want is to use the same tileset in different layer then follow what i showed previosly

Thank you for your response, have a great day