Is there a way to slice single frames?

I’m currently working on an importer for MonoGame using the exported .json file from Aseprite when doing File > Export Spritesheet. My end goal is to hopefully use the slice data on each frame to map to collision boxes for animations. So for me, slices are purely rectangular data that I can use later.

One thing I wanted to do was to create a slice for a single frame of animation. In the example below, I’d like to use the slice to define an area around a weapon attack for that frame only. It seems that when adding a slice, it creates a slice for every frame before and after that frame. If i delete the slice from a different frame, it removes it all together from every frame.

Not sure if what I’m doing is possible and I’m just being dumb about it. If not, I hope this is something that could be considered.

Slices don’t support animation correctly at the moment, but there are plans to add it:

(Slices were added only for themes in an initial stage, but I would like to improve support for animations and hit areas/boxes.)

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