Is there any Audio plugin yet?

Does anyone know if there’s someone that made a plugin that allows you work the sprite animation while the audio is playing along?

If not, could someone tell me some kind of tips to make this kind of things happen?

Thanks in advice guys!

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I wrote down the times of events I wanted while I listened to the song I created. Events like mouth movements that pixel art characters were doing so they looked like they were singing the song. I then used a stop watch on my phone while I worked in aseprite to match it. I then recorded my screen of the animation and imported that recording into final cut to sync the audio to the animation and then went back and forth in this manner to make tweeks. I believe a feature to add an audio track and to be able to export the audio and animation as a movie file would make aseprite the perfect solution for these types of situations such as pixel art commercials, movies or cutscenes in a game. I am unsure if there is a plug in yet. I hope there is one soon to speed up the aforementioned scenarios.

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Thank you Neil! Interesting