Is there anyway of changing into color/grayscale whenever i want it to?

Hey guys, i’m new on aseprite and would like to know if is there anyway to change the view of my color into a grayscale without actually changing the actual color of the image. I’m used to do this feature in Photoshop and was wondering if in Aseprite also have this feature?

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The same way as is the common trick in Photoshop: Make a layer above all your other ones, fill it with grey, and set its Mode to Saturation. If your work has animation, link all the cells in it and set it to continuous so the cells stay linked as you make new frames. Toggle the visibility of this layer as needed.

Also like Photoshop version of this method, it will make any transparent parts show up as opaque while the layer is visible.

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Thank you for the reply! I’m gonna try it. Thank you so much!

When the hue value is 0 or 360, 50%grey(RGB value 128) with Saturation mode will make it became green color. In Photoshop no this problem.

Hi lascoxinha! Here’s another approach you could consider:

  1. Set the Color Mode to Grayscale
  2. Check how it looks
  3. Undo

Aseprite also lets you set up custom keyboard shortcuts. I set up a shortcut so I can quickly switch into greyscale mode and back using just the keyboard.

That’s exactly what i was looking for. Can you help out with this? Where can I change the Color Mode once I’ve already created the file?

Sprite > Color Mode > Grayscale

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