Isometric Rogue/ranger character

I was working on a ranger character for a game I’m going to make and I wanted your opinion on it!

  • Good, No suggestions
  • Good, I have a suggestion (put in comments)
  • Okay
  • Needs work, No suggestions
  • Needs work, I have a suggestion
  • I just have a suggestion

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P.S. the sprite is 400% original size, original character is about 32 by 32 pixels.

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I feel like colour set is kinda strange. And this scarf, mb you can move it on the face(will prob. looks more like a killer or smth)

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He’s not really meant to be a killer, I was somewhat basing him of of Legolas from LOTR, but thanks for the suggestion!

The back is too flat. It’s like a solid rectangle. Maybe change the shading on the back of the hair or add some additional shapes.

The design is very good! But there is something strange. Maybe it’s the perspective. The feet do not appear to be aligned with the cube’s perspective. The character is facing each face of the cube. In poses 1 and 2 the character’s feet are almost fully aligned with the cube’s perspective direction (orange line). However, in poses 3 and 4 the orange line is not aligned in the direction it should. Maybe that’s what feels strange. Another possible observation could be the line that divides the character (ex: belt, hair and pants). They descend straight down. However, the character has volume and this line, even decent, should be more rounded (imagine the body as if it were a cylinder). I don’t know if I could explain it right lol. Sorry for my bad English.