Issue with zooming and dragging

Howdy folks!

To get straight to it, I have 2 issues. I’m using 1.2.15 (attempting to get an update, but my wife bought it and I’m having some issues). Also, my apologies if these have been asked before; I searched but didn’t find anything.

  1. When I scroll to zoom in or out, there’s a huge lag. Like 8 seconds. However, if I select something with the marquee tool, it zooms in and out smoothly.

  2. When I hold space and try to drag around to move the canvas, nothing happens. Well, space makes the cursor turn into a hand, but then clicking doesn’t make the hand “grab” like it’s supposed to.

By the way, I used to use version 1.something and didn’t have the first issue (dunno about the second, didn’t know about it until recently).


Update: I updated to 1.2.17 and am having the exact same issues. I did a couple scroll speed tests online and there seems to be issue, as well as googling if this is a known issue, as well as messing with the settins inside Aseprite.

However, I find that if I hit H for hand tool, I can drag that way. So… partial solution.