It is Wednesday my dudes! First ever background

It is Wednesday my dudes! First ever background/animation. Would be thankfull for any advice :slight_smile: I really want to expand in PixelArt
Froggo Teich move


The first thing I noticed was how hypnotizing the animation is and I think you did a good job of making it. If you want I think you could use some of my advice.

I find it strange that the frog and the Lilly pad have different sizes. If I were creating this image, I would start by making the frog about one-seventh the size of the Lilly pad. Alternatively, I would adjust the brush size using the + and - keys on the numpad to quickly add shapes before shrinking the brush size to add details.

As far as the colors go, in my opinion, the frog is a bit too yellow for a night-time scene so if you gave the scene a more blue tint it would tie things together more I think. Here are some quick-ish mockups of what my advice “could” look like.

To change the tint, I added a new layer and filled it with a blue color. Then, I went into the layer properties and set its layer mode to overlay. If the tint appears too strong, you can adjust the opacity of the layer.

I enjoy that there are different moving elements in your scene. I see that the lily pad creates a ripple that goes out from its edges. It could be good to have more rounded highlights on the water because of the ripples and movement of the water flowing. Maybe the ripples from the lilypad also follow the movement of water?

Consider the moon’s direction and draw an imaginary(or real on a new layer if it helps) arrow to remember where the shadows, light, and reflections should come from. The lightning bugs could also light up the frog or water a bit. I like the cat-tails, but they should probably have some lighting to show their shape better.

I hope this was helpful or gave you some ideas.

One more thing I found that might be interesting for you to watch:

Hey Phantom, thank you very much for your advices! Your “corrections” really lift up this scene. I`ll consider your tips in the future :slight_smile: