.JSON: Export Frame Tags as Frame Names?

Hello again,

It would be nice if Aseprite allowed the option to name the “filename” exported in JSON to the animation tags instead of the Aseprite file name. Example:

Current JSON export:

“filename”: “[spriteSheetName] [frameNumber].ase”

Ideal JSON export:

“filename”: “[frameTag] [frameNumber].ase”

I am using Unreal Engine 4 for my project and the automatic flipbook(sprite animation) generation algorithm creates/extracts animations by frame name and number. So if two frame names are “run 1” an “run 2”, and another two are “walk 1” and “walk 2”, it will create two flipbooks named “run” and “walk” with those two frames each inside.


Actually I think this is possible using the CLI and the –filename-format option:

aseprite -b file.ase --sheet sheet.png --filename-format "{tag} {tagframe}.ase" --json sheet.json

Cool thanks, didn’t realize this was already a feature. I’ll check it out!

Hello, I have used this command like this:

To get each cell as .png with tag name and frame number but I don’t get anything, why don’t I get anything? where are the generated files saved?

you didn’t call aseprite at all.
the command must start with path to aseprite.exe.

Yes, I know, that part just doesn’t show on the screenshot.

@SynthED could you show the whole command and the message that you’re getting in the terminal?