JSON missing empty frame meta (duration needed)

I’ve used Aseprite CLI to export packed spritesheets with JSONs to avoid having to put in animation info into my engine so I can animate purely in Aseprite. Unfortunately, I can’t use it for most animations because I need to include empty frames in the resulting animation while saving empty space in the texture – imagine electrical crackle.

When using --trim, the resulting JSON file leaves out frames that are empty – this means timing data (duration) gets lost. I would prefer having frame data with 0-size-regions while still having duration. The tag ranges are there so I know there are some frames and how many, but I have no way to know how long to pause between full frames without duration data.

Using Aseprite 1.2.15-x64 on Ubuntu (.deb package)

My workaround for now: I’ll put some parameters into the tag name (i.e. ‘idle:2x’) and parse that out to speed up the whole animation. Because I know from frameTags ranges exactly how many frames I’m missing, I can fill them in. It still isn’t ideal though because I can’t have variable duration for individual frames.

This bug should be fixed in v1.2.16 which will be released (maybe) Today.