Just released a free fantasy asset (inventory items) on itch.io

Hi! I have just released a FREE fantasy asset (inventory items) on itch.io, to help new pixelart games developers in their work.
Entirely made with Aseprite.
Since it is FREE i leave the link here, if someone needs some fantasy inventory sprites:
Clockmaster77’s Fantasy Asset 1, Sheet 1: Inventory Items by Clockmaster77 (itch.io)

If you need me to remove the link just tell me, I will, immediately.
Here the cover, that gives an example of the general design:

Im am just working at other free asset for various scenario settings (sci-fi, steampunk, post-apocalyptic, adventure, etc. etc.), so if someone needs free assets just suggest me something I will do it and release it publicly on itch.io.
I leaved Itch.io to ask for a donation if someone wants to support my work, but you can jump it and go directly to the free downloads.

If someone will use my asset in his games, please consider to credit Clockmaster77 as the author, Thanks.

Waiting for comments and suggestions, best regards