Just wanted to say thanks!

Hey, just wanted to pop in and thank you for the amazing product and making the source code open!

I tried the trial version and fell in love instantly! This was the first pixel art editor I really enjoyed using, it has all the great features and it’s all so well put together that it’s just a joy to be using. No more wasted time battling with poor UI/UX, or weird controls poorly ported from another platform, just creativity! I don’t know what you use as your primary OS, but the macOS version is so well done, I wish more multi-platform apps (and even some native macOS apps) were like this.

I wanted to just jump right into creating straight away, but I’m kinda low on cash right now and waiting for my paycheck, so I couldn’t. But then I found out that the source code is open and can be compiled for personal use. I never compiled a C++ app before (hell, I don’t think I ever compiled any app before, safe for couple of hello worlds), but I gave it a try and the entire process was smooth without any hurdles (ie. spending hours on google looking up a solution to some obscure error) and the compiled app works just as great as the real deal.

When I get my paycheck, the first thing I’m doing is buying a license, but in the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you for your great work and keeping the source open! Really amazing product!


Welcome @matronator and thanks for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Glad to know that you enjoy the whole UX, even having the source code available gives the possibility to users that cannot afford the program to get it with a little of effort and time (and free of viruses). So happy to hear that you are enjoying Aseprite and you can contribute whenever you can :heart: Cheers!