Keep Color Palette on Load


how can i keep my Color Palette when i load a Picture?

I have about 200 small icons/Picture made with my same personal default Palette.
But when i open any of them with Doubleclick in Unity, it discards my Color Palette and keeps only the colors in the Picutre.
How can i keep my Color Palette?

Note: Disabling, or changing the Color Management options seem to have 0 effect.

Mmm not entirely sure what exactly is happening there. When you say that you’re double clicking in Unity, are you opening a .png file or do you have .aseprite files imported?

Either way, if the .png file is in indexed mode, it will load the indexed palette from the file, but if it’s an RGB mode file it should load your current default palette, so in that case just making your palette the default palette should work. But Unity might convert files to indexed when it imports images, not sure. In that case you’ll have to change back to RGB mode via Sprite -> Color Mode, THEN load your palette.