Keep marquee tool after pressing the delete button

Hi team,

a feature I want to suggest is “to keep the marquee tool even after I press the delete button”.
I found it annoying when each time I press the delete, I need to select the marquee tool again.

example situation I have:
some time when I have 12 frames and I decide to delete one part so each frame I need to repeat by selecting the marque tool.
if the marquee tool keep there even when I press delete it will save me alot of time.

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hi kloworks

in your example all you have to do is this:

  • select the part you want to delete
  • select all the cels in timeline you want to edit
  • hit delete

the part you selected with marquee tool will be deleted in all selected cels.

also, there’s a setting in options to do what you want, go to edit → preferences → selection and there’s a checkbox “keep selection…”


oh ok xD
I was doing the opposite. I select the cels then I do marquee selection …

yup work fine now :ok_hand:

already check it :muscle:
thanks man you save me alot of my time :pleading_face: :ok_hand:

so all good, can close the topic since all features already there .