Keyboard Shortcut error

Sometimes when I open Aseprite v1.2.12.1-x64, it changes/shuffles around my keyboard shortcuts. It’s always random. Just now my zoom in and brush size increase shortcuts got mixed up. Sometimes it goes away after a while and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it happens mid-session after I open a new file.

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Hi there @TakimiNada, do you generally run two or more Aseprite sessions? or you just open one instance of Aseprite? Could you share with us (here or privately at your user.aseprite-keys file from your preferences folder?

I don’t run two or more Aseprite instances/sessions ever. Dropbox - user.aseprite-keys - Simplify your life here’s my file. Thanks for the reply!

I can’t actually view this file, but if this is your license key for Aseprite, then you should not post that publicly, someone will steal your key.

Thanks for sharing your configuration @TakimiNada! I’ll check it later.

Don’t worry @wolliel, it’s just a configuration file with keyboard shortcuts.