Lag related to pen tablet

There are already reports of lag issues but they don’t quite match what I observe on my system, but maybe the issues are related.
On my system, Aseprite is pretty much unusable with a pen tablet by default. Drawing lags behind a couple of seconds as well as everything else (creating layers/frames, undo, etc.).
But there is something interesting going on that may help you debug the problem.
First, setting the crosshair type to “simple crosshair” instead of “crosshair on sprite” completely removes the pen lag. The general application lag is still there though, so creating layers for example still takes a few seconds. However, the lag is only there, while the pen is above the tablet. When I move the pen away from the tablet, the whole software is responsive again.
Being a software developer myself, I want to make a random guess and say that the pen tablet may generate a lot of input messages related to pen position and tilt changes and the message handler is maybe not fast enough to handle it all and therefore slows the whole application down.

OS: Windows 10
Tabet: XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro
Aseprite Versions: 1.2.27, 1.3-beta4-x64

are all xp drawing tablet not working or is it impression?

I’ve only got this tablet to test with, unfortunately. It’s also specific to Aseprite. Other drawing apps work just fine.

Massive Drawing Lag in v1.3-beta3 - #18 by dacap heres the thread to drawing lag, it has been going for a while now, next time try to seacrch a little before reporting a bug again

I have found that thread but as I stated in my post, it does not really match what I observe at my end. It describes an issue with the pen becoming less responsive over time while I experience lag immediately. Also, the user seems to have issues with the mouse and pen, while on my end the issue is definitely isolated to the pen and does not occur with mouse-only input. It is possible that the issues are related though, maybe should have posted over there, my bad.

Hi there @eTicket don’t worry about reporting duplicates.

I’m trying to find some issues with tablets, at the moment the most probable cause can be a huge flow of events from the tablet that cannot be processed on-time (and are accumulated until the pen is removed from the tablet).

i think i got the solution. i got the same problem recently after i reinstalled aseprite, i solved it by changing the configuration at preference>tablet> putting it in wintab 8/10 and disabling the two option that are avalible (srry for the english as it is not my native lenguage).

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