Large custom brush issue (Aseprite v1.2.18, Installer, Windows)


I have a trick the I use to create a quick perspective grid in Aseprite. First I open a large document in this case 1500px x 1500px manually draw a perspective grid then I save it as brush and use it in the smaller canvas that I work with by simply choosing the perspective brush and clicking where I want to be. And whenever I lose the bruh I go back to the large document that I saved and save it as brush again. This saves me a lot of time.

After the last update or the one before it (I’m not sure to be honest) This has stopped working. When I’m in the large document and I save it as a brush it seems fine on that canvas, but whenever I go back to the smaller document that I draw with with, it doesn’t work it looks like a different shape even when I’m using the the “Pint brush” setting. And when I go back to the large document it works correctly there.

GIF of the issue

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I can reproduce this bug. :+1:

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