Largest Canvas size?

I can clearly make 10 1440x1440 canvas sheets. However, if I wanted them all combined to make one super canvas (for a game map) it would crash the program. Is this because I’m running it off a 32GB flashdrive stick or is there just a limitation to the canvas size in the program?

I can work in a 14400x14400 canvas but i wouldn’t wanna start adding lots of layers and frames to it. So it’s probably hardware limitation, and the fact that I don’t think Aseprite handles huge canvases THAT well even though it does work.

Well that is fair. I was more meaning one of the maps be a 1440 x 1440 and the super sized combined canvas once everything is finished and compressed into one layer, be 14,400 x 14,400.

Ya alright. Well that should be doable. If it doesn’t actually crash but just locks up, you can try to just wait for a while as it might just be processing.